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DreamEmpire Productions & Casting is a new venture which will focus on bringing light to new talent and bringing positive and meaningful entertainment to the big screen.  Our mission is to move, touch and inspire audiences while creating a new standard for independent film, casting and talent management.

Atlanta, The NEW Hollywood

Atlanta, GA has experienced a recent BOOM in unrepresented talent migrations due to the exponential growth of its film industry.  According to the Motion Picture Association of America, the Georgia film industry currently ranks third in the nation behind California and New York, with nearly 3,000 motion-picture and television industry businesses, including 1,957 production-related companies. With a direct spend of $2.02 billion, the economic impact was more than $7 billion in FY16 — up from $244 million just nine years ago.  That in mind, DreamEmpire Productions, will focus on growing need for Indie Film Casting and Talent Management in Atlanta, GA.

Our Location
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