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Jane Jordan


A Future for a Woman With a Past Book Synopsis:

Some true stories can be more dramatic than fiction. This book is one of them. This book follows the life of Jane Jordan, who witnessed her father stab her mother to death at the tender age of 5.

Through sheer determination and grit, Jane pushed through the darkness to find the best possible version of herself. This is her story...

About the Author

Jane Jordan was born in Detroit Michigan, where she spent her younger years until she was adopted by her mother's sister Margaret and then moved to Ft. Wayne Indiana where the majority of her family on both her mother and father's sides resided. Jane was very athletic in school, during that time in her life she had a tremendous love for bodybuilding and a passion for running track.

She now has 3 beautiful children and 4 grandchildren consisting of two sets of twins. She owns Simply Love Transportation in which she provides transportation to the elderly and disabled which she is very passionate about. She loves to volunteer and enjoys reading, traveling, and cooking. She has an outgoing personality and is very energetic and is happy to have finally published her first novel.

Jane Jordan
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