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Vegan Soul

We are seeking energetic, vegan chefs to guest host our new Vegan Soul Cooking show on our Facebook Page.  Chefs have the opportunity to be selected to host the television show once it goes into production.

Selected hosts will be required to post recipes, nutritional information, and live cooking demonstrations that align with the show's theme VEGAN SOUL.  Ideal candidates must have an outgoing personality, and prepare easy and tasty vegan meals on camera.  All video submissions must be in 4K resolution for sharing with our Social Media.  Our team and potential investors will be vetting submissions for future consideration for hosting the Vegan Soul Cooking Show.

We will be accepting taped submissions from 10/10/2020  through 1/1/2021.


STEP 1: Submit a Host Submission Application via the button below.

STEP 2:   Upload and send all taped submissions via
Create a FREE acct to send your files via the button below:

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