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Being Prepared

Article by: Lisa Maydwell

Jordan enters the studio prepared

to audition for the role of Chris on a new series to be filmed in Atlanta. For a week she waits by the phone for a callback. Disappointed when she doesn’t hear back, she replays the audition back in her mind. Jordan wonders what she can do to increase her chances of being cast on future roles.

First, she looks at her headshots which she had taken by a professional. She knew they were in line with industry standards. Next, she thought about what she did upon her arrival. She went to a corner away from the other talent to continue working on her sides. She didn’t chit chat with the other people in the room. Then, when called into the room, she didn’t approach the people behind the table, she greeted them warmly, and gave the required information. She avoided giving details of her personal life. Jordan left her purse in her car because she didn’t want it to be a distraction. Finally, she knew that she delivered her lines flawlessly and was excited by the positive feedback from the producer.

As Jordan pondered what she did wrong it suddenly occurred to her. Although her audition met all the criteria it became clear the role wasn’t for her. Jordan decided that she wouldn’t focus on not getting the part but would instead continue to be prepared for future auditions.

Takeaway- You may deliver a perfect reading, but sometimes the part wasn’t meant for you. Don’t let it destroy your confidence or keep you from reaching your goals.


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