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Black Female Driven Film Co Inks International Film Deal

DreamEmpire, LLC Announces International Co-Production of Films based on Novel Trilogy by Native American|African American author Joyce Licorish

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Atlanta, GA |Indianapolis, IN - Joyce Licorish is originally an Indianapolis native known best for directing, starring in, and staging a touring production of Oprah’s Color Purple the Musical and for her many appearances in theatrical productions primarily in Indianapolis Indiana. She in partnership with DreamEmpire, LLC based in both Indianapolis, IN and Atlanta, GA, and the charity the One Race Human Race Foundation a 501(c)3 non-profit organization as well as Bravura Global Streaming Fund, Covington Entertainment Group and 10Bis Productions, France, are thrilled to announce the upcoming film adaptation of her novels ‘THE FORGOTTEN TIMEPIECE’ and ‘THE LOST LOCKET’ for major motion pictures. ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Joyce Licorish, singer, actress, plus model, stage play director, and playwright, takes a turn toward another creative vein as the author of the Heirloom Anthology which includes the titles ‘THE FORGOTTEN TIMEPIECE’ ‘THE FORBIDDEN RING’ and ‘THE LOST LOCKET’.

These 3 books garnered international attention when hitting Amazon’s bestseller list for African American Sci-Fi. Best known for her direction/production of Oprah Winfrey’s Color Purple Tour, under her former non-profit - The Cupboard Presents, her powerhouse vocal abilities, and stage acting, she has taken a step away from the microphone and stage towards the pen and big screen to create her debut novels and films. Inspired by a dream about a watch left to her by her now-deceased grandmother Hattie, Joyce takes readers on a journey from modern-day back to 1859 and follows the journey of a girl trying to discover herself in a world she cannot understand in The Forgotten Timepiece and in The Lost Locket, takes onlookers on a journey from modern-day back to 1944 when an African American journalist experiences a dual reality while wearing mysterious locket ... a forbidden dreamt romance with a white US soldier during World War II, and a modern-day love with a white Civil Rights Attorney.

The other book in the trilogy ‘THE FORBIDDEN RING’ set in jazz era 1925 New Orleans, will also be adapted as a feature film but is not yet greenlit for production. The first of the books to be adapted to film is ‘THE LOST LOCKET’. DreamEmpire Films, LLC has locked arms with French-based co-production company 10 Bis Productions.

During a recent co-production planning trip to LaRochelle and Normandy France, 10 Bis Productions rolled out the red carpet bringing out the local government officials and press to welcome the American production team. A documentary was filmed to document the trip and several media outlets covered the trip which may be viewed online here:

Behind the scenes Documentary of the Pre-Production of The Lost Locket:

A Video clip of News Coverage in France:

Reviews for Books:

THE LOST LOCKET: S. DAVIES - “This well-researched novel is a heartwarming testimony to black nurses who served in 1940's wartime. It gives voice to "herstories," not just "history." It illuminates how far we have come in recognition of the valuable contribution black women made serving The United States of America. Of course, as the author suggests, the injustices African Americans have suffered, and continue to suffer, in spite of their valiant efforts, are not without irony. Into this main story theme, the author weaves a touching romantic tale of a ditzy but intelligent black writer from Georgia, and a white civil rights lawyer/poet from Rhode Island. The narrative switches in dream-like sequences from modern America back to wartime France in the 1940's…I love the uncanny dimension to this tale, the secret of the locket, which Faith buys in an antique shop. This locket is a unifier, bringing different threads of the story together, skipping a generation, but showing how love and fate, and truth conquer all. I will not reveal its significance to the ending, which is heartwarming. Readers will have to find out for themselves!”

T.A. BOUND - This thoroughly enjoyable read is both timely and endearing. This speculative romantic story takes you on a journey from humor to tragedy and back again. The issues of interracial romance are both timely and timeless and are woven seamlessly into the story without coming across as preachy. It offers two takes on the issues presented, a modern view along with a taste of the experience eight decades ago. While the distance we, as a nation, have come during those nearly 80 years is vast, as this book makes clear, we still have further to go…

THE FORGOTTEN TIMEPIECE: J. DAVIS - "In today's America with heightened tensions of racial indifference, this book unmasks the roots of racism and allows the reader to look at it from a new perspective. ‘THE FORGOTTEN TIMEPIECE’ is an inspiring story that allows one to focus on their own self-acceptance. In my opinion, this story will benefit countless individuals by showing them what courage it takes to live with self and by offering a mirror of reflection to identify with the struggles of others." ‘THE FORGOTTEN TIMEPIECE’ is a story that pulls back the curtain on racism when an adopted racially ambiguous girl is sent back in time by way of a family heirloom given to her by her newly discovered black grandma. ‘THE FORGOTTEN TIMEPIECE’ helps people find a pathway to overcoming self-imposed boundaries and self-hate. The purpose of this project is to eliminate stereotypes and reframe the mindset of today’s youth regarding racism.

Joyce Licorish, CEO of DreamEmpire, LLC and author of the novels is excited to announce that The Lost Locket feature film, will be the first of the company's endeavor to move, touch and inspire the world with culturally diverse stories that matter. DreamEmpire has begun crewing up in Atlanta, GA as well as in France, and is additionally in process of attaching a director and casting for ‘THE LOST LOCKET’. Joyce is available for press appearances to discuss both the book and the film. Please contact PR Consultant Diana Rhodes for appearances.


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